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There are Derivatives…And Then There is Hedging

With the release of the National Credit Union Administration's (NCUA) final ruling "Derivatives" in January of 2015, the credit union industry was granted access to a valuable financial risk management tool. more>

CUNA Urges Lawmakers - Protect IDs No Matter Where Consumers Shop or Bank

CUNA has joined with other financial trade associations urging Congress to advance data breach legislation that protects Americans from identity theft and financial account fraud. more>

Are You Storing Your Email Like Hillary?

In fairness, the question of how much email to retain and for how long is one that vexes businesses of all shapes and sizes including credit unions every day. more>

April 7 Virtual Roundtable: NCUA Corporate Credit Union Stabilization Fund Check-In

We’ll meet with NCUA’s director of examinations and insurance and CUNA’s chief economist to discuss the outlook and implications behind this significant program. more>

RBC2 Shows System’s Advocacy Strength

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle praises the advocacy strength of the organization's three-tiered system in shaping NCUA’s revised risk-based capital (RBC2) proposal. more>

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